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The rapid acceleration of Sports Technology brings us evolutionary efficiencies and phenomenal performance based insights, yet the transformation has only just begun.

Our customer-centric approach ensures robust systems coexist harmoniously with accessible information, providing incredible resources for participants to access anywhere, at any time. We’re proficient at integrating and interrogating all forms of data from external APIs & internal technology platforms through to display of data-based storytelling. We research and develop technology, to efficiently prove and launch innovative concepts.

Data, science, information & communication design have a great history in sports and help the elite find an edge. Outside this realm, technology helps the everyday participant improve, grow and find more enjoyment in the activities they love. We embrace what the future holds.

Successful utilisation of cutting-edge technology is a balance between form and function, knowing what to use and how to use it.

PT Distinction

PT Distinction

PT Distinction is the leader in online personal training software. A collaborative design and technology process reimagined every element. Customers enjoy an incredible experience across all products from sales site to web app through to native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

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The Huddle

The Huddle

Huddle, an end to end solution from Eastwood, is a robust communication and scheduling tool for professional teams. Administrators love Huddle for simplified management. Players enjoy the simple yet detailed information available at their fingertips.

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