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Creating an industry leading member site for the Magpie army.


Strategy, Design & Technology


Responsive Website


UX, UI, CMS, Front-End, Payment System

Uniting sales and passion.

If you have a footy team, becoming a member is like investing in your club’s future. Collingwood Football Club’s brief to us: to do the best job signing up members online. Luckily, we know sport and we know digital. So we asked ourselves, how effortless can we make it to become a Magpie? Let’s take a look at how we did it.

Mobile focus.

Most members purchase from the club on their phones. Fact. So we designed for mobile first, crafting beautifully usable mobile UI elements. We chose buttons over input fields to minimise user error. Tap targets are finger friendly, navigation is responsive and there’s minimal content on screen at any one time. Everything comes together to create a smooth mobile experience.

Making the choice easy.

Collingwood has 19 membership packages. Makes choosing hard, huh? Well, not by presenting each one as a uniquely branded package, with its own hero image. Easy comparison and decision-making became our obsession. Package cards introduce each membership and what it offers. And the lightning fast filtering makes narrowing down options ridiculously simple.

Everything at your disposal.

Once fans reach a membership product page, we step up the sales messaging. It’s all designed to nudge fans along to buy. Pricing info and call to actions are prioritised. Friendly icons describe what you get for your money and are consistent across all packages. Fans can check out photos of merchandise and explore seating bays at their home ground.

The dream purchase process.

No brick walls. No surprises. We designed a purchase funnel that high fives you as you get closer to transacting. Progress through the payment steps is celebrated with ticks. The mini cart updates pricing dynamically if add-ons are selected. There are literally no barriers to purchase. Because nothing should stand in the way of fans getting their scarf in the mail. It’s common in sport to send fans off to a separate ticketing site to buy. We chose to integrate the Stripe payment platform, meaning fans now buy memberships directly from Collingwood. And as well as taking credit cards, there’s Apple and Google Pay for our early adopter fans.

Simple editing & reporting tools.

When it comes to updating content, we made it our mission to save Collingwood’s team time and energy. The CMS lets them load products, change pricing and swap out campaign graphics quickly. It’s all incredibly intuitive, as it should be. Reporting dashboards don’t disappoint either. Sales performance is made clearer with customised, interactive charts. Collingwood staff can check member information with a few taps. All these tools make it easier to do business and improve customer service.

Forever Collingwood.

By striking the right balance between sales and excitement; we’re helping fans forge a continual commitment to the club they passionately support.

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