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Establishing the key destination for a new era of professional Australian Netball.


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The foundation for a growing league. launched in late 2016 as the destination to experience Australia’s most exciting professional league. As Netball Australia’s partner for digital brand, UX, UI design and build, we delivered the core user experience, essential features and an intuitive and simple admin platform. Over the next two seasons, we elevated the website through rich brand engagement, broadcast access, ticket sales, customer experience and more. This is the story of how Eastwood helped launch a new league and evolved, keeping fans on the edge of their seats and supporting new and exciting commercial partnerships.

A new league, a new brand.

With a condensed timeline and media launch on the horizon, our goal was to establish the building blocks for As the home of Australia’s newest and fiercest sporting league, the user interface is clean, confident and exciting. The initial launch was about creating an immersive brand experience. Beautiful design details and interactions appear across the site. The manifesto page is boldly minimalist to reflect the league’s ambitious vision. We delivered the content platform too, so fans can access the latest league updates, team news and more.

Celebrating player and team content.

There was intense fan interest in the newly minted teams and players moving across the league. Team pages became ‘hubs’ for team and player updates as well as stats, results and fixtures. The streamlined IA lets fans jump straight into their team hub, to get their daily dose of news. The hubs are like micro-sites within the broader league site. UI design components are skinned with team branding; they reinforce each team’s unique identity and make photography shine, injecting the sites with warmth and energy.

Season one is live.

Stats are at the heart of any league site. provides filterable fixtures and results, detailed player and team stats and live scores. And playful interactions and branded design components make them a pleasure to follow. Stats enhance match reports too, with top-line scores and key game stats that content authors can manage in the CMS. Everything scales up and down responsively, so fans can check in with their team on any device.

Creating an innovative finals hub.

There’s no denying fan interest peaks during finals. So we custom designed a finals hub to celebrate the select few teams extending their season. It’s visually rich and packed with exciting content: fixtures, results, bracket and news. The finals predictor is pure entertainment, revealing fan favourites and unexpected upsets. We built up a library of custom desktop and mobile UI elements, to make it super intuitive on any device.

Keeping fans and partners engaged.

As the league matures, fan engagement and commercial interest grow. Beautifully crafted website features are a drawcard for the league’s key partners; they become assets to reach new audiences and create engaging brand experiences. Mobile audiences continued to eclipse desktop, and became our main focus as we evolved the site. From the start we built a solid responsive framework; extending it was smooth and efficient.

Streamlining the match experience.

The league is broadcast free to air on Channel 9 and Telstra TV. Added to that, all games are available on the dedicated Netball Live mobile app. In a single tap or click, fans can access live matches. Our bespoke system recognises a user’s device and directs them to the right streaming platform. It makes for a simple and satisfying customer experience.

Netball on the big stage. is a story of product evolution. It’s about planning and anticipating the needs of a growing league. The website keeps fans engaged, brand experiences fresh and opens up new commercial opportunities.

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